SWINGALIGN Swing Align Golf Training Aid Bundle


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  • Get better in 15 minutes or less at home or on the range and groove a more consistent golf swing.
  • Swing Align improves golf alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane.
  • Use Swing Align to align your body at the target every time, see and feel the proper swing positions, and increase your power and accuracy.
  • Works for golfers of all skill levels both RH and LH on full swings, chipping and putting.
  • Sizing Note: Standard size fits most golfers. If your hanging biceps measure more than 13.5" around buy XL instead.

Details: Want a more consistent golf swing? With Swing Align you can FEEL the proper body positions at each step of your swing. Swing Align is the only golf swing training device that helps the golfer improve through both visual and muscle memory. Learn golf alignment, rotation, connection, and swing plane all with one device! Swing Align promotes a golf swing with more power with better accuracy. It helps golfers of all skill levels to learn and maintain through a simple process. Groove a more repeatable set up and golf swing by rehearsing key positions, or by hitting any golf shot at full speed while wearing the device. Justifying your body and target lines has never been easier. When used together, Swing Align and the included Swing Junction alignment rod create a peerless golf alignment aid

Package Dimensions: 18.7 x 8.1 x 5.7 inches