TAMIYD Fruit Scented Performance Golf Ball 6 Pack (Orange)


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Brand: Tamiyd


  • World's First Fruit Scented Golf Ball With High Performance - 6 Pack. Rub The Ball To Get Stronger Orange Scent
  • Increased Distance, Soft Feel, Great Accuracy - Performance of the Ball Was Tested By Korea Institute of Golf and Sports
  • Each Ball Is Individually Wrapped - Makes It a Great Gift
  • High Visibility - Vivid Matte Orange Color
  • High Elasticity Surlyn With 330 Polyhedron Dimple
  • Long Lasting Scent - Rub The Ball To Get Stronger Scent
  • For Golfers Who Want 1. Longer Distance 2. Vivid Matte Color Balls 3. Are Looking For Unique Gift For Golfers 4. Are Looking For Affordable Balls With Performance
  • Made In South Korea

EAN: 0300714314517