Volvik T2 Ionomer Polymer Low Side Spin Matte Finished Long Distance Balls 2-Pieces, 1 Dozen (Multicolor)

Volvik T2 Ionomer Polymer Low Side Spin Matte Finished Long Distance Balls 2-Pieces, 1 Dozen (Multicolor)

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Brand: Volvik

Color: Multicolor


  • REDUCED GLARE; Enhance concentration with matte color that gives psychological stability
  • POWER DUAL CORE; Soft core with high elasticity for a soft feel and fast initial ball speed
  • SUPERIOR LONG DISTANCE with low spin and high launch angle when hitting a driver; SUPERIOR GREEN CONTROL with powerful spin
  • UNIQUE COLOR MULTI PERFORMANCE; Volvik's exclusive South Korean T2 (two-piece) model in multi-colored (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green)
  • The ionomer cover ball is soft compared to the conventional urethane (polyurethane) ball and has a high compression ratio, thus providing a distance suitable for the swing speed. A ball made of PU material has a lot of spins so it takes a lot of back-spin, but it also takes a lot of side-spin. For amateurs, excessive side spin causes hooks or slices. The ball of the ionomer cover prevents the ball from curving with a soft feeling and a proper spin amount and ensures straightness

Details: UNIQUE COLOR & MULTI PERFORMANCE Volvik's Special Dual Core Strong inner core, soft outer layer It has strong central core at impact to hold spin axis to improve straightness and direction, and it prevents dispersion of transmitted force energy and helps fly distance. It is a patent that can feel soft feel by applying soft outer layer. Inner core with lower specific gravity, outer layer with higher specific gravity It is a patented technology that increases the moment of inertia by making the specific gravity of the core high outward. High moment of inertia keeps the spin for a longer period of time during the flight of the ball, which keeps the generation of lift, increases the distance and improves the accuracy of the control.

EAN: 0887810070849

Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 5.5 x 1.9 inches